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Innovation Leaders

Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions.

Innovation leaders are those who are either able to better understand customer requirements and exploit new market opportunities, or access new technologies to deliver successful new products and services.

They are seen as the corporate heroes of today.

Innovation Leaders are the companies that CEOs want to head up and other organisations try to emulate.

Who we are

Drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets since 1995, 21Style team have both the expertise and experience to create cutting edge web solutions for all your business objectives.

Beyond these individual skills and experiences, at our core we are a collective of innovation advocates and enthusiasts. We understand web solutions and how to enable and harness it for the benefit of our clients.

What we do

We make innovation, we apply innovation in any software and products we design.

We are Enterprise and Software Architects, so we can help our client to implement the best infrastructures for their systems.

We are Web 2.0 Innovators, but because we are innovators, we prefer to talk about Web 3.0 (Semantic Web)

We are Creatives and we think about the future, not the present.


Great improvements require great change, and that is never easy. We will look at the whole problem, uncovering the root cause as well as responding to the pains currently experienced – and on this basis come, together, to the right solution.
We deliver innovative, functional proposal using uncommon but common-sense techniques that elevate human factors to the same importance as the technology.

  • Optimizing IT organizations
  • Technology consulting, Project Management, Agile - SCRUM
  • Enterprise Architecture, Software Architect
  • Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud | From Monolith to Microservices Architecture.
  • UML, Sparx Enterprise Architect addicted
  • Open Data , Big Data 
  • Explain the future, now.


If you need to get a website developed, then our Company is for you. From e-Commerce to Social Networks, from Web 2.0 to Semantic Web (Web 3.0). Our experience ensures that your web project can easily be handled by 21Style. JAVA / .NET / PHP / NOSQL/ SQL are our main technologies.

  • Web 3.0 and 2.0 Interactive Sites
  • UX and UI Design 
  • Semantic Web
  • Social Networks
  • e-Commerce
  • Content Management Systems


If you’ve ever loved using a web application in enterprise context, you’ll know what we mean when we say, “complexity made simple is beautiful.”

  • Microservices Architecture, Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud 
  • GraphDB expert, BigData and NOSQL enthusiast - ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Redis. 
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Process Management
  • High-Availability
  • GRID/HPC Computing


Our off the shelf software,
ready to be used on-premise or cloud environments.



The Semantic Storage Engine GraphDb based for creating, organising and publishing semantic data.



MuseoTorino is the first implementation based on HOSS Semantic Storage. A new concept of "museum", a freely online city museum ! 6000+ contents on Turin, 19300+ images, 4700+ bibliographies, 500+ free ebooks.



MuseoFerrara based on MuseoTorino, is the museum of the city of Ferrara. Available both in italian and english language.



MuseoOristano is the last current implementation of MuseoTorino. Is a great example of how MuseoTorino platform could be used both in great but also in small city.


Queue Desk Manager

QDM is the latest generation platform for queues and desk management in public and health sectors.
Completely based on web and HTML5 technologies. Ready for mobile devices.

Get the brochure for more details.

Our customers

In last 25 years, we have had the pleasure of working with amazing companies (including some of the top italian companies) and their incredible people. 

Here a short list of the most relevants.